Ulvetid sendte nedenstående til den Norske Miljøminister d. 20. oktober 2020. Mailen blev afsendt efter opfordring fra vores Norske venner i EAWC, NOAH Dyrs rettigheter.

Ministry of Climate and Environment

Despite the fact that the Bern Convention is a binding international legal instrument in the field of nature conservation and that Norway is a party to the Convention, the Norwegian authorities allow extensive killing of the four protected carnivore species in Norway every year.

Norway has already decided to shoot 12 wolves outside the wolf zone in winter 2020/2021, and another 32 wolves (5 families) are to be shot inside the wolf zone.

We find it unacceptable that a civilized country as Norway neglects their obligations under the Bern Convention. The Norwegian-Swedish population of wolves has a high degree of inbreeding due to the fact that the population is isolated from the Finish-Russian population.

Besides the fact that Norway violates its obligations to the international community, the decisions of the Norwegian authorities to shoot altogether 44 wolves in winter 2020/2021 will increase the problem of inbreeding and further reduce the diversity of genes in the Norwegian-Swedish population of wolves.

We therefore plea to stop all hunting of wolves, especially in the wolf zone.