Ulvetid reagerede på  FACE  åbne brev til President Von Der Leyen ved at skrive til EU’s miljøkommissær.

Herunder kan du læse vores henvendelse og nederst på siden kan du se svaret fra kommissæren.

Dear Mr. Sinkevičius

Re: The open letter from FACE to President Von der Leyen

The board of the association Ulvetid finds it important to comment on the open letter fro FACE to President Ursala Von der Leyen

In response and as a concerned reaction to FACE – European Federation for Hunting and Conservation’s open letter to President Ursula Von Der Leyen, we turn to you.

We find it remarkable and disturbing that FACE addresses Ursula Von Der Leyen.

A hunting association urging that the process described in the document “Wolves in Europe: Commission urges local authorities to make full use of existing derogations and collects data for conversation status review” to move quickly to the next step appears utterly misplaced.

A relevant reflection is why a hunting association is interested in – not only a change in the protection status of the wolf, – but furthermore actively urges the president to speed up the process.

Reading the open letter does not reveal any relevant reasons why the hunters are interested in downgrading the protection status of the wolf. The only argument in the letter is related to the rural communities, is of no obvious interest to the hunters.

Consequently, the question is if the hunting association has a hidden agenda. It is well known that many hunters perceive the wolf as a competitor, hence the hunters took advantage of the opportunity that arose in conjunction with the press release from the commission, to rush the commission to move fast.

Another well-known reason for hunters to downgrade the wolfs protection status, is unfortunately trophy hunting.

We firmly believe that the open letter from FACE is aiming at a less restrictive protection of the wolf in order to get access to hunt wolves regardless of the wolves conservation status. This objective of the hunters is of no relevance from a conservation perspective, on the contrary.

Although we are aware that this matter is a time-consuming process, in case the commission should decide to propose for a downgrade of the protection of the wolf, we urge the commission to take the time needed, without speeding the procedure up to meet a recommendation for a quick decision due to a narrow-minded interest.

Best regards

Ole Pedersen


The association Ulvetid

Maglemosen 1 – 4070 Kr. Hyllinge – Denmark

Phone.: + 45 60613739

Vi fik følgende svar:

Dear Mr Pedersen,

Thank you for your email of 20 November to Commissioner Sinkevičius, who asked me to reply on his behalf.

In your letter you refer to an open letter sent from FACE (European Federation for Hunting and Conservation) to the  European Commission in the framework of the ongoing work on the in-depth analysis of the wolf situation in the EU.

Following the data collection launched by the Commission press release of September 4, 2023, we are now finalizing the in-depth analysis on wolf and we plan to publish it in the next days.

Based on the data collected and the findings of the analysis, the Commission will decide on a proposal to change, if necessary, the status of wolf protection in the EU and to update the legal framework.

In order to have further information and updates on any future developments, I would suggest to consult the relevant webpages of the Commission: https://environment.ec.europa.eu/topics/nature-and-biodiversity/habitats-directive/large-carnivores_en

Thank you for reaching out to the Commission and for your engagement in favor of EU nature conservation policy and coexistence between people and wolves.

Best regards,

Andrea VETTORI (Mr)
Head of Unit

European Commission
DG Environment

Mail: formand@ulvetid.dk

Homepage: www.ulvetid.dk